POTATO CHIP NECKLACE w/Sue Powell (Sat. 8/22 @ 2PM)

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For those of us old enough to remember the old Lay's Potato Chip commercial....  I named this necklace because I couldn't make just one.
This necklace uses at least 5 colors of seed beads plus the rondelle.  We will talk about proportion when choosing colors for this necklace.  Two colors side by side look vastly different together depending on the relative proportions of each color.  This design really plays with that concept and the student can include some unexpected colors , depending on proportion.  I like to make one of these when I am feeling "creatively constipated"... I pull out my seed beads and start putting colors together and pretty soon I'm back in the groove!

We will be working with the Dutch Spiral and the Russian Spiral, so it would be helpful if students would familiarize themselves with these stitches before the class.  No need to be an expert, but some familiarity will be helpful.  Also, we will be switching from Dutch to Russian seamlessly.  It's not as hard as it sounds.  The tips and tricks students will learn will enable them to try the technique with other stitches as well.

Another versatile design, we will also discuss changing up the design by changing the sizes of the beads.  It can be made larger or smaller depending on the bead sizes.
This class was designed for experienced beginner and intermediate beaders in mind.