WILD ROSE AMULET BAG w/Patricia Parker - (Sun. 6/27 @ 10AM - 2PM)

WILD ROSE AMULET BAG w/Patricia Parker - (Sun. 6/27 @ 10AM - 2PM)

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Experience Level:  Intermediate

Here is a quick overview of the project:


The flowers and leaves need to be completed before they can be added into the stitching of the bag.

As you work the tubular peyote you will add the leaves and flowers as you stitch.

The flowers will take about an hour of the class for each of the two types of flower. The rest can be made later. The two types of flowers are wild rose and salvia.

The class will also include working on the amulet bag itself and stitching one of the flowers into place. 

The strap is pretty straightforward but we will go over those directions as well to make sure the directions are clear.

I will demo zipping up the bottom seem and show how to add leaves as they attach the fringe on an almost completed sample. I will also show how to attach the strap to the amulet bag. 

Possible pre work- Starting the body of the bag using peyote.

We will work the stitch around a cardboard tube. (The center of a roll of Reynolds aluminum foil is the proper size.)

If the first few rows are already stitched the flowers can be added as they are completed.

More possible Pre work

Make leaves - you will need a total of thirty so best to get started!

The stitch used is the same as you will do on the flowers so it can be useful to work on some leaves to familiarize yourself with it. I suggest mixing some Czech glass leaves into the fringe so that all 30 leaves do not need to be stitched. I will include leaf beads in the kits.

This project has a lot of components which need to be created before the final bag can be stitched but it will be possible to teach in one session especially if the pre work can be done.

Kits will be available for purchase or you can stop in the shop ahead of time and select the materials you would like to use to personalize your Amulet Bag just a little further.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 610-310-5568.