SIMPLY BEZELED w/Kieu Pham Gray (Sat. 3/13 @ 6-9PM)

SIMPLY BEZELED w/Kieu Pham Gray (Sat. 3/13 @ 6-9PM)

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title: Simply Bezeled – Double-Sided Bezels

Set all of your treasures in these attractive bezels.  Using shells, beach glass or even marble as the center piece, you will fabricate a double-sided, sterling silver bezel. Students will have time to make at least one pendant, some will finish 2.


·       Skill Level: Beginner

·       Sessions: 1, 3hr

·       Class Fees: $    115/person

Materials included: will provide enough material for 1 pendant, sterling silver stock, Sterling silver chain.

·       Students are required to bring the following:

·       Several components to be set. Pieces with a flat surface on one side is preferred with a circumference of not more than 3”.

·       Flush Side Cutters

·       Flat nose or parallel pliers

·       Magnifying glasses and Ott light as needed

·       Curved Burnisher

·       Sharpie

·       Bead mat

·       Needle Files