FLAT CHENILLE STITCH w/Mary Soucy (Sat. 1/25 - 2-4PM)

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Several years ago Mary fell in love with the Chenille Stitch and became determined to work it into a flat formation for bracelet making.  This pattern quickly became her very favorite to make as it creates a polka dot pattern that is whimsical and fun.  Since that time, she has seen other flat Chenille Stitch patterns emerge, but they require an outer edge to be added which she not all that fond of.  Join her in making this fun and whimsical pattern.  She has updated the diagrams and instructions to make this pattern easy to follow.  This project only takes a few hours to complete and is available for use with Size 8/0 or size 6/0 seed beads.

Additional items you may need: Task lighting and magnifier, Fireline cutter, microcrystalline wax & thread burner.  The cost of the class is $30, plus materials.