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Don't you just love things that provide versatility?  I know I do.  I am always trying to think outside the box to find ways to get the most bang for my buck.  This little beauty is fun and versatile.  You can quickly add it to any existing chain you may already have, clip it to your purse to jazz it up a bit or hang it from your review mirror.  You can take a basic necklace that you wear to work and then clip-on your personalized embellished charm holder to jazz up your outfit suited for an evening out on the town as quick as lickety-split!

The cost of the class if $15, plus materials.

Tools to bring to class:  Round nose pliers, chain nose pliers or flat pliers, wire cutters and any speciality lighting you may require.  We do have a limited amount of tools for you to use during the class.  Tools are available on a first-come basis.