Private Event SJBS: SWEET ALYSSUM (Sat. 10/17)

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I absolutely love this pattern!  Can you tell by looking at all the variations I made in one evening? Okay, well maybe not ALL of them in one evening but, I did make three of them in one evening.  The fourth colorway was on my mind when I went to be bed, so it quickly became the first thing I tackled the next morning.  It is probably one of the quickest patterns I have ever worked up.  

There is no cost for the class.  The cost of the kit is $20.00, and includes free shipping.  Enter "SJBS FREE SHIPPING PROMO" at checkout.  This is a special promo price exclusively for the SJBS.  Kits are available exclusively for the SJBS's in-person and Zoom Class.  Details can be found on the SJBS website.  All kits will include a printed color copy of the Starman Trendsetters pattern.

Colorways vary.  Please contact me via cell at 610-310-5568 (text preferred) and I will forward you photos of available colorways or we could customize something special just for you.

Please bring the following items with you to class:  beading needles, thread of choice (my preference is 8lb Fireline), beading mat and any individual speciality lighting, if desired. Please keep in mind that class is limited to 10 in-person participants. Pre-registration is required.  

Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the shop at 610-310-5568.

Please be sure to enter SJBS at checkout to receive free shipping on your order.  Thank you!