Bead Embroidery Challenge & Inspiration Kits

In this collection, you will find a beautiful assortment of Bead Embroidery Challenge & Inspiration Kits.  Kits do not include bead embroidery instructions.

Each kit contains the same "like" materials.  You will have until August 15, 2020 to create your challenge piece.  Unlike most challenges, you are often provided with a particular palette of undisclosed materials to create with.  For this particular challenge, you will actually select the palette and cabochon that you are most attracted to.  

You are required to use the beads provided in the 8 bags.  However, you are not required to use the entire quantity provided.  In addition, you are free to add whatever your heart desires from your own stash.  

Unlike other challenges I have hosted, you will only be allowed to submit one piece so choose wisely.  Will you create a stunning pendant, a statement necklace, a truly unique bracelet or maybe even a beautiful tapestry?  Whatever your decide we can't wait for you share it!

Once completed, you will need to forward two photos to me to be used for voting purposes.  Voting will remain open for one week from the date I post the photos. 

Gift Certificates will be awarded for FIRST, SECOND and THIRD PLACE. The FIRST PLACE WINNER of this challenge will receive a $50.00 gift certificate,  SECOND PLACE WINNER will receive a $25.00 gift certificate and our THIRD PLACE WINNER will be issued a $15.00 gift certificate.  In addition, for each person who submits their challenge design to me no later than the August 15th deadline, they will receive a one-time use coupon for 20% off your next "bead shop" purchase.

*Please note Gift Certificates and coupons can only be applied to beading materials and not in the artisans gallery or gift shop.  Thank you!