Springerle Cookie Molds

These cookie molds allow all of us to bake beautiful cookies that remind us of family traditions, history and culture. Many of the original molds, now in museums and private collections, were carved in clay, wood or metal and are as old as 500 years. The “picture” cookies cast from these molds were used to tell stories visually when most people were unable to read or write. They celebrate weddings, births, victories, and holidays. Today contemporary methods have enabled us to replicate these historic molds and produce copies for your enjoyment and use.

Our products are proudly made in the USA.

House on the Hill cookie molds are made of a resin and wood composite. Each mold is individually hand cast and carefully hand finished in the USA. Most of our molds are replicas of antique carvings from private collections and museums, some dating as far back as the 1600’s. Since the original carvings have imperfections such as surface cracks and worm holes, our replicas will mimic these characteristics which are not flaws. They add a sense of authenticity and charm to our cookie molds. We also manufacture original in house designs with a nod to tradition.

Care of Your Cookie Molds

To clean your cookie mold, gently scrub the molds using a soft bristled brush and mild soapy warm water. Never soak the molds in the water. Cookie molds are NOT oven or dishwasher safe. A mushroom brush works well for scrubbing the molds. After scrubbing, rinse briefly and repeat the scrub where needed. rinse again. Pat  with a cotton terry towel to get the press as dry as possible and then let the cookie mold air dry completely before storing in a cool dry place.

If there is some stubborn or dried dough in the molds, put a drop of water on the spot and let it set for a minute; using a round wooden toothpick, clean out the softened dough and wash the mold again. Do NOT use metal skewers or knife tips to clean the molds or you will scratch the finish. Dry the molds as above before storing them. 

The cookie molds may chip if they are dropped or struck sharply. Store molds that are completely dry wrapped in bubble bags or paper to keep them from clinking against each other.