Bippi's Bead Boards

Bippi’s Bead Boards were designed meticulously for beaders, bead weavers and bead embroiderers, by a beader, who loves all things beading!  Now, say that ten times fast! They are the perfect solution for project organization, storage and travel and addresses many of the problems that surface when creating simple to complex patterns.  The best part is that you get to customize and add-on bundles to satisfy your own personal design needs.

Made in the U.S.A.! Each board is designed, cut, engraved, and assembled in-house.  The materials selected were chosen for their strength and beauty.

I know, you are probably thinking where did such a cute name come from?  LOL!  Well, the name “Bippi” is actually quite sentimental to me.  It’s the nickname my dad had given me when I was little.  He always pushed me beyond my limits. This project did just that.  It made me think outside of the box.  For this reason and for all the times he said, “You can do better!”, it only seemed fitting to honor his memory.  My only hope is that you love creating with these boards as much as I did designing and making them.

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