OPEN BEADING - Please R.S.V.P. - (Fri. 2/17 @ 3PM-8PM)

OPEN BEADING - Please R.S.V.P. - (Fri. 2/17 @ 3PM-8PM)

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Customers of all ages and beading expertise are welcome to join us during Open Beading.  We have set this dedicated timeframe aside to provide you with a creative atmosphere to:

  • work on an unfinished project you committed to finishing last year! Ha! Ha!;
  •  brainstorm or troubleshoot a project you may be hung up on;
  • get away from everyone and everything that is driving you nuts; or
  • maybe you are just looking for a little creative inspiration!

Whatever the reason, you are welcome to join us.  There is no fee to attend.  

Free patterns are always available during Open Beading with purchase of materials.