Embellished Basket Weave Bracelet

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This beautiful pattern is one of my newest favorites by TrendSetters and not recommended for the beginner bead weaver.  It is a bit of a challenge to work up but, once you understand the pattern it is becomes intuitive.  The pattern was designed to create a bangle.  I quickly discovered most people do not find bangles comfortable because you need to create it so it is large enough to slide over the widest part of your hand.  With that said, I included a piece of memory wire and the embellishments to create this little beauty.  If at any time, you need any instruction to help you along, I am always available by video.  

In addition, you will need to supply 8lb Fireline and memory wire cutters and pliers, or a similar product to cut the memory wire to fit your wrist and a pair of pliers strong enough to work the tempered steel.  DO NOT USE your good tools on this task.  YOU WILL DESTROY THEM.