The Gardener's Dreamcatcher Kit #009

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This beautiful necklace was created while reminiscing about my childhood days.  We lived near a state park where I would spent countless hours with my friends and sometimes even alone.  Remember those days?  No tethers to home - no cell phones.  You just went.  I would head out in the morning hours and my mother would tell me to check-in during the day or be home in time for dinner.  Not lunch but, dinner!  Because she knew we wouldn't starve to death and more importantly we lived in a world that you didn't have the worries and concerns we have today so kids were free to roam. The park was filled with beautiful trees, wildflowers and wildlife. How could my life not have been inspired by nature?  I remember building forts with my friends in the woods and spending countless hours daydreaming about life.  Life was simple, beautiful and uncomplicated just like the simplicity of this kit.  I hope you can find time do a little dreaming about your life and where it has been and where you are yet to go!  

Each kit has been hand-painted and selected by me. Everything you need with the exception of the tools is included in your kit along with the instructions.